Friday, February 25, 2011

Paper Blossoms Pop-Up Book = Lovely and Amazing

We just got in a lovely pop up book of flower bouquets! The arrangements are totally intricate and colorful. Just *pop* open this book and viola instant table centerpiece that doesn't wilt or stink! I think this is such a creative and sweet idea. My mom sent one to my Grandmother recently and she just loved it... :-)

From the Chronicle Books website:
Paper Blossoms: A Book of Beautiful Bouquets for Your Table
By Ray Marshall
Featuring five amazing pop-up bouquets, Paper Blossoms brings floral cheer to any room. Display any of the bouquets—a garland of roses, a tropical arrangement, a lotus watergarden, a springtime bouquet, or a vase of lilies—as a beautiful centerpiece or room accent. A triumph of pop-up artistry and a sure conversation-starter, these bouquets burst forth with color, joy, and lasting beauty.

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