Monday, December 11, 2006

Art Basel *Wrap Up*

Above photo of me, Tate and Ron English was taken at the Art|Center. Ron was a super guy and we were lucky to converse with him at length that night.

There was SO MUCH to see and do at Art Basel, you really could not see it all - even if you tried REALLY hard! :-) As you already read previously, we spent Wednesday night seeing Peaches and Thursday working the Friends With You Skywalkers balloon parade.

Friday morning Tate and I were thrilled to have Sam (of Friends With You), David Choe and two other guys (I know that one was named Harry, like our beloved dog) come by TATE'S! They drove all the way up from Miami and I hope they enjoyed themselves. :-) We certainly enjoyed having THEM.

Friday afternoon we did a couple of spots in Wynwood (Paper/Deitch store and Deitch Projects), then we went on to see SCOPE, which was a suprise and a treat! A lot of great work! We met some nice folks and saw some very interesting artwork.

After SCOPE we headed over to the "We'll Make a Lover of You" opening at the Art|Center on Lincoln Road.

There were SO MANY people there! Many artists that are well known in select circles were in attendance. Shepard Fairey, Skot Olsen, Van Arno, Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, MARS1, Shawn Barber, Sas and Colin Christian, Chris Ryniak, Niagara, Yumiko Kayukawa, Ron English and many more. Our favorite new friend was Ron English, who was such a sweetheart. We really enjoyed meeting him and talking with him at length.

We passed out many flyers for the Munny show and I hope we got some people interested and excited! After the show closed we headed to the after party which was jammin' with people. It was a great, fun scene but we were all exhausted. YAWN!! Time for beddie bye!

On Saturday Tate and I headed back down to Miami for one last day of festivities. We brought ALL of Sas' books and the books of everyone else signing to the Art|Center book signing. We got copies of the books signed for YOU, our customers! :-) All of them are on the shelves now, marked with a sticker that says "signed". Books such as Tim Biskup's new one "American Cyclops", Niagara, "
The Wild Kingdom of Yumiko Kayukawa and Shawn Barber's "Tattooed Portraits".

After the books were all signed at the Art|Center we rushed over to the store Genius Jones to try and make it to the Friends With You book signing there. We made it and Tate eventually found parking. Sam and Tury were sitting at a tiny table methodically drawing and signing toys, books and more with much love. There new book is beautiful! We will have it in stock soon, I promise. :-)

After the Friends With You signing Tate and I were drawn to the sounds and crowds a few streets over. There was so much going on! Every block was another party with girls in crazy balloon costumes, DJs and free booze. Literally EVERY block. We saw someone doing silkscreening right onto a girls dress, with a girl in it!

I can't wait until next year!!

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