Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ballyhoo: The Sideshow Show

Ballyhoo: The Sideshow Show
OPENING NIGHT FESTIVITIES: Saturday, May 5th at 7pm
ALIVE! Two headed DJ: elysevsvlad
wine / cheese / circus peanuts

Runs though June 8

Ballyhoo will feature original works of art and antique sideshow photographs and memorabilia. Artists were asked to create artwork inspired by the theme of circuses, sideshows and freaks - the results are as varied and unique as the artists (and subjects) themselves.

Original artwork from: Alessandro Echevarria / Bianca Mejia / Bloo Empire / Brandon Reese / Brian Raszka / Charles Rouse / Greg Kletsel / James "Jimbot" Demski / Jason Pultz / Jill R. Hearne / Johnny Winslow / Keith Ciaramello / Kristin Currier / Léa Berlina / Luis Diaz / Mark Mothersbaugh / Mauricio Salmon / Michael Blumenthal / N! Satterfield / pooka.machine / Ricardo Porven / Ryan Myers / Sarah J. Pierce / Skot Olsen / Terribly Odd / Todd Nolan / Vera Brosgol, and more!

Origin of the word Ballyhoo | Learn more about sideshows

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