Monday, April 9, 2007

Misc. Bligs and Blogs

First, let me just admit that I have been sucking at the blog thing. Started out strong, but just petered out! I flog myself over it too...

There are a few new things going on in the Bear and Bird. In no particular order... we now carry LeSportSac bags! We have tokidoki Amore and Pirata, Fafi and a cute birdie print in stock. We have also gotten in our first Threadless order and some great shirts from local tee company Almightees. Our new t-shirt rack is now bursting with shirts, come in and cover your naked torso!! :-)

We just ordered Bear and Bird's professional sound system. It includes an awesome mixing board and some great speakers. The premier of the new sound will be at the opening of our next show, Ballyhoo: The Sideshow Show! Thanks to Elyse and Vlad for researching and setting up the system for us. I have no idea about that stuff, so I really appreciate their expertise! It is our hope that it will be the beginning of Bear and Bird offering and extra montly live dj event of some sort.

The 2007 Print show is going pretty well, our exclusive prints are available online. Strawberry Girl, our exclusive Sas Christian print is selling well and will probably be sold out in a month or so.

Some prints that I thought would be super hot, haven't sold as well as expected... but, I guess they are just waiting to find the right home. :-)

Been working away on random things, don't feel like I ever get anything done - but I guess SOME things must be progressing.

We're running an ad in the next issue of the great magazine Hi-Fructose to promote our upcoming shows, that should be interesting. Tate and I had the pleasure of showing Attaboy around our store on Easter Sunday. We don't get many fancy Californeeuh artists down here in SoFla, so we always enjoy a visit from neat people like Atta. We thanked him a few times for the great mag Hi-Fructose too... :-) Just one more fun thing! The above photo is of Luca (from Lushbox, Inc) and I sniffing out the secret formula to create some exclusive Bear and Bird scents!! We will be carrying a few different scents all in convenient roll-on oils! The first one will premier this weekend at Anime Supercon, which will be held right behind our store at the Inverrary Hotel. The scent is going to be be ORIGINAL RAMUNE SODA!!

I promise to try and keep things posted a little more frequently... :-)

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