Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A few new shows added for 2008!

Been taking some time the past few days to schedule some of our 2008 shows. My how time flies! Seems like only yesterday I was working a full time job and starting to think about this adventure!

For next year we are switching to a 5 weeks open schedule. A month just goes by too fast to catch my breath!

These are going to be good ones! Thanks to everyone for your support, we just going to keep trying to bring new art and artists to the community!

Cute Attack
We've all had a cute attack, a convulsive feeling of fuzzy! Group show exploring the highs and lows the world of cuteness.
Opens March 22, 2008

Everything/Everyday: Lomography
Group show exhibiting photographs in the lomographic style. What does that mean?
Opens May 3, 2008

Yokai in Your Eye
Japanese Ghostly Zoology as seen through the eyes of a variety of American artists.
List of Japanese Yokai
Opens June 14, 2008

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Miss Kika said...

gah, all your shows always sound like so much fun~! Can't wait to see what else you guys will plan for 2008! :)