Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of lowbrow art destroyed in Miami fire.

(Image above) Artist: Skot Olsen Title: Saint Anja Size: 30"x40" Medium: oil on canvas

Hundreds of amazing and beautiful lowbrow paintings and artwork were destroyed this morning when a fire broke out in Miami Wynwood Art District's "Harold Golen Gallery" - the current exhibition was especially important due to the international art fair Art Basel, which wrapped up this past Sunday.

Among the paintings that were lost are the work of Ron English, Tim Biskup, Niagara, Mars One and most notably Skot Olsen.

The now destroyed show was called "Subjective Reality" and featured at its center ALL of the new neo-psychedelic artwork of Skot Olsen, which has taken years to complete. Destroyed in the fire were a dozen paintings by this lowbrow/pop surrealist artist who unveiling his new direction and more realistic painting style at Art Basel show this weekend.

All that remains of his work are a few prints available on the artists website: Saint Psilocybe & Saint Elyse's Epiphany. http://www.skotolsen.com/purchase/prints.php

Obviously, Skot Olsen is shocked and heartbroken and could use any support that the art community can muster. A year of work down the toilet! :-o

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