Sunday, February 24, 2008

Beautiful New Artwork!

I recently commissioned one of my favorite artists, May Ann Licudine, to create a piece of artwork that I could use to promote the gallery. I will probably use it for next year's business card and advertisements. It will also proudly hang behind my desk here at the gallery. :-) I will post a photo of it hanging once it arrives from the Phillipines. Hooray!!

Here is a sneak peek:
It is absolutely beautiful (as all her work is) and I know that in person it will be even more amazing. I love her use of texture and color, and it is just SO sweet! May Ann knows how to use mixed mediums to achieve a special look that she desires... Her artwork reminds me of vintage greeting cards and Studio Ghibli, but in an entirely new and unique way.

Check out May Ann's blog post about the piece here:

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Mall said...

Thank you so much for everything! I really like the silly birthday greeting card you sent me! It really makes me happy! tee hee hee!!!

Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery RULEZ!!!! *hugs hugs hugs*