Monday, April 14, 2008

The very first StitchBird Workshop was a success!

Now that I think about it... I neglected to mention the new StitchBird project here on the Bear and Bird blog! Well, now is the time then!StitchBird Workshops are "gatherings of the crafty inclined" and we hope to have one once a month here at Bear and Bird! The name "StitchBird" is a mashup of Bear and Bird and StitchRock. StitchRock is a fantastic craft bazaar held yearly and put on by another lovely Amanda! :-) We have teamed up to make these crafty workshops happen and bring some more fun crafty opportunities to South Florida!

The first workshop that we held took place yesterday and the project was "Make a Stuffed Creature" - there were ten spots available and they filled up quickly! All the materials were provided as well as patterns and instruction. Some people opted to go totally freehand and some modified the provided patterns to make something unique and special. :-) Light refreshments were also provided and everyone enjoyed trying out some tasty Japanese delights.

I have just finished putting the photos up on Flickr (+ time lapse video) check it out and leave us some comments! Hope to see you at the next StitchBird Workshop!

StitchBird Workshops: April 2008 Make a Stuffed Creature Photos!

I made a devil's food cupcake, here he is pre-horns. :-)

More info about the workshops will be available here:


aka jokneeappleseed said...

aw, that looked like so much fun! I wish i could've been there (i had family visiting from outa town). but i'm glad it's going to happen again...b/c i definately want to go!

ps. i love yours so much...too cute!


Anonymous said...

Something fun and interesting is always happening on the Tates/Bear&Bird scene! What a great place! Something for everyone!