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Everything/Everyday: a Lomographesque photo exhibition
Pretend you're a tourist, but don't leave your home. See everything, every day a different way. The cult of Lomo is a habitual discovery and compulsive documentation of the typical and extra-ordinary... which is not necessarily an oxy-moron.

Show runs through May 2 - June 7, 2008

None of the photography in this show was creating through digital manipulation. All unusual effects are done in camera using different tricks and techniques.

This all photography show will feature the work of amateur local picture takers:
Sam Guss; Paige Place; Nicole Christian; Michelle Beasley; Kerry Ball; Ivylise Simones; Duane Hosein; The Calabrese Family; Bee; and Amanda Magnetta

All of the photographers in this exhibition have been alloted gallery space, with which they can fill as they choose. In that sense, this exhibition will has an installation aspect to it as well.

What is "lomographesque"? We coined the term "lomographesque" in reference to photography that has aspects of a "lomo" photo, but is not necessarily taken with a Lomographaphic Society brand camera. Lomography brand cameras are typically easy to use, amateur or toy cameras. They are very "low-tech" most using regular old 35mm film and requiring only regular processing, most are point and shoot and lots of fun. Using the term "lomographesque" allows us to embrace other means of creating the images, such as Polaroid cameras and digital cameras.

What makes a "lomographesque" photo is harder to define. Most of them have a certain personal quality... almost like a fuzzy memory or a scent. They can be blurry or razor sharp, shot from the hip or set on a tripod for long exposure fun. They can be somewhat described as "arty snapshots".

Lomography as an aspect of photography is something that is either loved or hated, depending on the person. At its heart I believe it is about experimentation and documentation, about connecting with other people and being creative, even if you can't draw a stick figure or write a love song. Others have a stricter idea of what lomography means and in the end it is a personal thing.

More about lomography in general can be found here:

From Wikipedia's entry on "Lomography":
Lomography emphasizes casual, snapshot photography. Characteristics such as over-saturated colors, off-kilter exposure, blurring, "happy accidents," and alternative film processing are often considered part of the "Lomographic Technique." Users are encouraged to take a lighthearted approach to their photography, and use these techniques to document everyday life, as the Lomo LC-A's small size, simple controls, and ability to shoot in low light encourages candid photography, photo reportage, and photo vérité.

Since the introduction of the original Lomo LC-A, Lomography has produced and marketed an entire line of their own branded analog cameras. Most Lomographic cameras are designed to produce a single photographic effect. For example, the Lomography Fisheye camera features a built-in wideangle lens, and shoots fisheye-distorted photos." ( )

Most of the cameras offered and created by the Lomographic Society are available for sale at Bear and Bird. Actually, we have been retailing Lomo cameras for many years now!

Link to Flickr set of opening night and work in the show:

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