Friday, July 18, 2008

New Gypsy Rabbit Jewelry!

We get new stuff in all the time, as anyone who visits us knows.... and sometimes, when there is something special... I remember to blog about it! :-)

We just got in a bunch of really cute jewelry designed and handmade by Sarah Ockuly of Columbus, Ohio. Her company is called "Gypsy Rabbit" and as you can see from the photos (click photo to enlarge it), she does some really cute whimsical and funky stuff!!

Sarah included a note with my order, which explains what these are made of:
"I use sterling silver (.925) in all of my necklaces. Sterling will tarnish over time and with contact to oxygen. Many people like this "oxidized" look, but you can prevent tarnishing by keeping your jewelry in plastic baggies. They can also be cleaned with any commercial silver jewelry polish. All of my pendants are made of copper and melted glass. They are very sturdy, but as they are made of glass, they can chip or crack if dropped. Please give them the care you would any fine jewelry."

It is really hard to choose a favorite one, I'm personally torn between the "Green Eggs and Ham" and the "Love Whale"!

Sarah also had a good suggestion, which was that you can use the Love Whales as modern down low BFF necklaces. We have them facing both Left and Right. That way you and your BFF can have facing Love Whales! :-) So CUTE!!


aka jokneeappleseed said...

i may just have to get those Love Whales for me and my BFF Bee

Sarah Ockuly said...

Aww, thanks for blogging 'bout me! (Even if I am late for the party!) I love have you have all your jewelry displayed!