Monday, September 15, 2008

Made in Canada artwork now available for online viewing and purchasing!

Made in Canada 
September 6 - October 11, 2008

There are so many great and affordable works of art is this exhibition! Prices start at only $20, so go check it out before everything is sold!

The online shop displays unsold/available artwork, to view this exhibition 
in its entirety please visit the complete Flickr photoset.

All the way from "the frozen north" this exhibition features the artwork of five extremely talented Canada-based artists. Not to be missed!

About the artists:
Dave Barnes: Artistic approach involves the practice of transforming modern concept to reveal nostalgic mood, often referred to as "Oldification". Recycled elements, faded colours, layered/collaged backgrounds, and sandpapered imagery all play a part in the process, along with the use of bold observational line and memory dissolved Rockwellian imagery. Often disregarding conventional rectangular canvases for manipulated wooden shapes to help emphasize theme and subject, Barnes try to use art as a translation of experience and observation that derives inspiration from environment and memory.

Jason Pultz: A Vancouver-based artist that has done everything from writing music for adult films to being a daily nationally syndicated cartoonist. Jason's work has been featured in a few magazines, books and art shows. Jason currently spends his days designing toys, making jokes, painting, playing drums and befriending the local neighborhood cats.

Lori Joy Smith: Lori's paintings and textile pieces are available in stores across Canada and are also exhibited and sold internationally. Her illustrations have also been licensed to greeting cards, bookmarks and t-shirts. Some of Lori's clients include: American Girl magazine, Today's Parent magazine, Chirp magazine, Recycled Paper Greetings, Sunrise Greetings and Running Press. Lori is a member of the renowned Jupiter Project, a Canadian collective of 10 artists and illustrators. She lives on Price Edward Island.

Rey Ortega: Rey is a Toronto-based crime fighter who's alter ego is a mild mannered illustrator. In between freelance editorial and advertising illustration Rey works on gallery art that has been on display both locally and abroad. He graduated in the year two-thousand-and-seven (anno domini) with a bachelors degree of applied arts in Illustration from the Sheridan Institute of Design and Technology. Rey's artwork explores the boundaries of simplicity in both concept and execution. Using a minimal amount of tools and universal themes, he hopes to create enduring work that affect viewers in a meaningful way. 
Rey enjoys reading about the exploits of other superheros, eating noodles and surfing the information super highway.

Rosemary Travale: An Illustrator from Hamilton, Ontario, who grew up dreaming of adventures on the high seas. Not finding any seas in her neighbourhood, she decided to start drawing instead. Her work is filled with cute and quirky characters that would make even the roughest pirate surrender a smile.

Link to Show Flyer
Link to Show Press

"Made in Canada" is the first of what will be a annual exhibition featuring a group of artists from a chosen country. Shows will all be named in the formula of "Made in (insert country here)" - we look forward to many more years of international bridge building artist collaborations!

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