Saturday, January 17, 2009

New and improved product/artwork photos!

Above photo is of me positioning some artwork for photographing in the new EZ Cube popup photo studio! (BTW: The painting is called "Pussy" and is by Danielle Estefan for the Three of a Kind show)

Yes, we are getting slightly more professional with our artwork photography! Right after struggling to get the best possible shots of the artwork in last months Small Stuff show I decided to go ahead and get us a little popup photo studio! I was originally planning on ordering a cheapish "tabletop" setup from a catalog, but I snooped around online and read only bad reviews on them. Most said they were impossible to setup and break down and had weak lil lights.

I eventually honed in the EZ Cube website, which is kind of corny and poorly designed, but sincere with lots of information. These lil photo studios fold/twist down into a smallish flat disc - so easy storage!! They come in all kind of sizes, even big enough to photograph guitars! :-) I went with the 30" because I thought it would accommodate most of the artwork I need to photograph, some of course won't fit - but for now this will work awesome!!

I shopped around for lights and ended up ordered a pair of tabletop tripod lights with daylight fluorescent photo bulbs, for $60 off ebay. Not bad!

I finally got to use the setup this week to photograph the artwork for the new show here, Three of a Kind. The setup was really super-simple. I even watched the 20 minute (BORING) video of tips they sent, they taught up stuff like FOCUS! USE A TRIPOD! CLEAN WHATEVER YOUR PHOTOGRAPHING FIRST! The EZ cube has "unique" features such as the zip open top!

Needless to say, the photographs came out GREAT. One shot and they looked perfect. So... hooray! Be on the lookout for new and improved photographs of the artwork in our shows and snazzy product shots of merchandise in our webstore. :-)

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{ knee } said...

That awesome little cube made a HUGE difference! The phots came out great! That's a nice little investment :)

Thanks Amanda! :HUG: