Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Sunshine Show

In the words of infamous South Florida artist and musician Todd Nolan, "Pull your head outta the gator's mouth, put on your Mickey ears, guzzle some OJ, buy some swamp land, argue over political chads, mutilate mantees with a margarita drunk, ride a rocket to the moon, purchase cheap ciggies from an Injun, peel layers of skin off your sunburned body, jump out of a hotel window into a pool full of naked college girls, ride an E-ticket attraction, play shuffleboard with Gramps, nail plywood to your windows once a year, catch drug sacks from low flying planes, imitate questionable Miami Vice clothing choices but still gawk at Canadian snow-bird speed-o's..."

Opening tonight and featuring the work of over 120 genuine South Florida's artists! Take a look at what life in South Florida is like as seen from the "inside" - the styles and subject matter really run the gamut in this group mega-show! :-)

Twice a year we hold "all local welcome" art shows, this is the first one for 2010 - always popular, it is a great way to see new talent for local artists who want their work to be seen by the multitudes!

If you can't make it yourself to the opening tonight, you should be there in "spirit" and leave us some comments on the flickr photoset of the exhibition. And if you're the sort that likes to sit back and let the world unfold in front of you... you can even view it as a slideshow!

The artwork in these mega-group shows will not be added to our online shop, so if you are interested in buying something you see in the flickr set, please shoot us an email and I'll get back to you ASAP!

The Sunshine Show / On exhibit March 6 - April 17, 2010
Featuring artwork by: A. Pants; AceFace; Adam Forero; Al Negas; Alexis Colbert; Alexis Foutz; Alright Ok; Amanda Valdes; Amir Waterman; Andrew C. Horton; Angela Yang; Angelica Busk; Ant Bryan; Ariel A.; Audra DiBello; Aysha Marie Zouain; Blaike Alexandra; Brandy Rumiez; Brian E. Sorensen; Brigid Howard; C. Alma; Carol-Anne McFarlane; Carolyn Rivera; Casey Brown; Christin Harrington; Coral Barry; Cupcakes in the Lobby; Dan Kidwell; Dan Woodruff; Dana Estabrook; Dana Karsch; Danielle Bayrami; Danny Brito; Danny Gonzales; David Bruck; David Rodriguez; David Taylor; Devin Echevarria; Dinah! Caldwell; Dustin Cantos; Dustin Wilson; Eddie Arroyo; Elizabeth Kapatos; Emily Havelka; Erica Riedy; Erika Taguchi-Newton; Erin O’Dea; FAKE is GOOD; Fernando Martinez; Gerald Kelley; Haydie Marquez; Helena Garcia; Igor Vieira; Ivey Lamos; Jamie Schaub; Japanda; Jasmine Espinal; Jessica DeJohn; Joe Paul; Johnny Zhong; Jon Clazo; Jon Hunt; Jose Mendez; Josh Kreeps; Josh Sunshine; Joshua Surprenant; Karl Johnsen; Kathy Hunt; Katrina Cristobal; Katya Neptune; Kay Garcia; Kazilla; Kerry Ball; Kerry Tikiwoo Tichenor; Kesha St. Hilaire; Kris Meenan; Kristal Babich; Lazaro Diaz; Liana Minassian; Lisa Rockford; Lizkat; Lori Ferrera; Lorna Ruth; Loveable Mad Hatter; Luis Diaz; Malgorzata Kawashima; Manuel Arroyo; Marc Paper Scissor; Matylda McIlvenny; Melissa Ritchey; Michael Anthony Reiter; Molly Bo; N! Satterfield; Nathan Lumm; Nicole Christian; Nilly Sweetie; Norma Soulet; Nurit Magritte; ohyeaphoto; P. Keane; Paige Place; Pasha Love; Patrick Maxcy; Patrick McGrane; Peace Owls and Other Lovely Things; Polly Peachums; Rachel Valdes; Rebecca Osborne-Philips; Robert F. Paul; Rosa Gonzalez; Samantha Wells; Sarah J. Winslow; Sarah Nastri; Scott Hensel; Sean Murdock; Seth Czaplewski; Silvia Maria Laucirica; Spoonman; Steph Celi; Stephanie Rodriguez; Tamara Wagenknecht; Tara Coyle; Tiffany Battel; Todd Nolan; Tyler Smith; Wallace Clark; Westley Cedeno; Yamel Molerio AND MORE!

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