Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You need a lil Danny Brito in your pocket!

In today, hot from Danny's hands and onto our shelves! Officially awesome Danny Brito pocket mirrors! It doesn't get more fun and stylie than this folks... when you're looking at your own gorgeous self some of Danny Brito cuties will be looking out at the world! These nifty little pocket mirrors feature art inspired by The Royal Tenenbaums, Ghost World, cat hat girls and lots more uber-Brito cuties!

About the artist in his own words: "Hello there, I'm Danny Brito, but I mainly go by Dannyb or Bee. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida and currently reside a little house in a little room where I have more art supplies than clothes. I like to illustrate girls in either cute dresses or nothing at all, monsters, and anything that pops into my head. I have a small brain and a big heart, it tends to reflect in the cutesy things I draw. I'm not exactly classically trained by any type of schooling for too long but I have been drawing my entire life. When I'm not drawing I like to be at the sewing machine, at a thrift store, or cuddling with my puppies in bed."

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