Friday, March 25, 2011

A few neat new items in our boutique!

Check out these new tin boxes that we just got in today! Really, these are must have for organized hoarders (like me) of small cool items and fans of cool graphic design. :-) Really nicely made and printed with such fun, silly colorful artwork. They are fun to touch and hold and open AND close! We have four different designs in the large boxes and six different designs in the smaller size.

The small "pocket" boxes are an exact replica of a 1920's cigarette case and retail for the very reasonable price of $6.00 each! The bigger boxes are an exact replica of a 1920's tin cigar box including a riveted bracket to hold the top open, for the measly peasly sum of $15.00!

Also in today are these simply beautiful greeting cards from Hope for Women, who offer fair trade eco friendly products made exclusively by women.

The card series is called "Portraits of El Salvador" and are all handmade by women whose homes in El Salvador’s highland cloud forest were destroyed by a devastating earthquake and mudslides. Each card features a cool little printed drawing of a lovely lady with some fabulous hairdos made entirely of REAL little dried flowers and grasses!

There are over a dozen different flower types available and every single card is unique and one of a kind! They reflect the style and creativity of the individual artisan who selected each flower, frond and sprig of greenery and placed them just so. I truly love them all and also think they would also look fantastic in little frames as hanging on your walls! The blank cards with envelopes are sold for $5.50 each, it truly is hard just to choose one favorite style... get a few for yourself and stash some away for a card you can be proud to give. Great as a Mother's Day or anyday card! So special and good for the world too!

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Cayetano G Valenzuela said...

I love the Random Crap box. That is pretty funny.