Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jellycat plush from England, just in time for Spring!

As cute as these lil fellas are, their cuteness is NOTHING compared to their softness and sweet floppiness! Be sure to give them a little love next time you come in and feel for yourself... :-)

We just got in a restock on the Hobbes-esque tiger and stumpy legged donkey and a few new friends arrived too!! The long legged giraffe is one of Rosemary's favorites for hugging and loving as well as the tiny lambey. Lambey is just the right size for her little nine-month old sized hand to get a good strangle neck grip on and carry him all around with her all day long. Oh yes! We also got in lovely chocolate bunnies who would make a great springtime gift!

We put Rosemary on top of the big pile of Jellycat plush as we were working on pricing them and she squealed with joy! You can't miss her sincere sweet smile as she looks into the face of a new little lion friend! She really seems to be loving plush toys of all kinds more and more, she has a death strangle grip on her lil lambey's neck right now... :-)

If you've never seen them before, the Jellycat line of plush toys from England is really wonderful. Really great quality, designs and reasonable pricing! Check out the Jellycat site... we carry a nice selection of their wonderful cutie pies! Only our favorites!

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jlalindo said...

:O The cuteness, where does it end?