Friday, October 2, 2009

Couple awesome new Lomo things!

Is this not the CUTEST thing!!? We just got in these new Diana Mini cameras from Lomography and I have to say that I am the most excited about this little guy as I have been about an analogue camera for a long while! It uses 35 mm film (regular developing) and shoots your choice of half frame (you get double the shots per roll) or square format images.
Long exposure/Double exposure/tripod mount/cable release attachment hole.

Plus did I mention how CUTE it is?! Guys, if you have one you just KNOW that random cute girls will talk to you and ask you about it. :-)

The Diana Mini starter kit is $60 and does NOT include the Diana+flash, but offers full compatibility, so there's that... :-)

What it DOES include is:
- Diana Mini Camera - Carrying Strap - Lens Cap - "Shoot Forever" Diana Mini Book - Manual

You can read more details and see how-to videos about it here:
Also, we got these in:
This is the Diana+Flash I mentioned above, we just got a few of these in stock for those of you who want to UPGRADE your Diana+ or Diana Mini. The flash alone is $60.

Description: Diana+Flash :
This retro-style beauty inherited its looks from the original 1960s design. From the blue color scheme to the silver faceplate, you can tell it’s a classic match for the Diana +/Diana F+ camera!

The Diana+ Flash retains the authentic hallmarks of the original - a metal pin attachment, and a glowing ready-light. Its "Diana Plug" attaches directly to the camera and fully syncs the flash. An integrated color flash feature allows you to splash a burst of colored light at your subject - day or night!

• Includes a packet of plastic color gels for handy colorsplashing
• Diana Plug-to-Hotshoe adapter to use the Diana Flash on any standard hotshoe camera – like the LC-A+, Fisheye 2, Holga w/ hotshoe, many SLR's and DSLR's, and plenty of others!

Just got a restock on the Holga starter kits also, been out of those for a couple weeks now. Here's a chocolata of info on the Holga if you want to learn more about that dude:

One other thing that I want to mention, since most people don't really know what the heck this is and we carry it, is the Diana Instant Back. This is an awesome thingy that clips onto the BACK of a Diana camera and turns it into an instant camera! It is pricey (so it the film) so it is only for those of you who are hardcore, but it is awesome!!

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