Friday, September 18, 2009

New event at our gallery! Art Talk with Therry Norton!

I was thinking that I really wished there was a way that I could help to *educate* people about the art and artists we show here at the gallery. Things are just so much more interesting when you know tasty little tidbits about them! The only person who I could imagine would be "the one" to fill this need and role in my life was my dear, smart and pretty friend Therry Norton!

I pitched the idea to her as something we would start next year and she was pumped to start immediately! So yay for us!

I am proud to present to you, the very first "Art Talk with Therry Norton" Sunday, September 27th at 3pm. Since this is the maiden voyage, we are going to play it by ear and see how it goes in terms of length, but we're guessing about 30-40 minutes. Through Art Talk, host Therry Norton will discuss similarities within the works, focus on a few works in detail, and open a dialogue regarding the relevance of this work.

The focus for this "Art Talk" will be our current exhibition "Off the Needle" which features the artwork of a wide range of tattoo artists in our own South Florida tattoo community! There is so much great work in this show, be sure to come by and see it before the exhibition closes on October 10th or check it out online if you are non local (or lazy).

If you can, please join us on Sunday!

Flickr Photoset of "Off the Needle" art exhibition:

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