Monday, April 26, 2010

Terribly Odd solo exhibition currently on display!

Le Iconique: Terribly Odd Solo Show
On exhibit April 24 - June 12, 2010

Le Iconique: Une Exposition Miserable de Terribly Odd is a collection of works paying tribute to iconic french figures leading up to a period in European social history known as Belle Époque or the “Beautiful Era.” From the terror of tiny Napoleon, to the grandeur of Eiffel’s vision; Le Iconique will span the ages of French history calling upon the sights and sounds of her storied past.

Below are just a couple samples from the show, you can check out the WHOLE thing at the link below the images. :-)

Nostradamus 1503 - 1566
A French apothecary and reputed seer who published collections of prophecies that have since become famous worldwide. He is best known for his book Les Propheties, which has rarely been out of print since his death. Nostradamus has attracted a following that, along with the popular press, credits him with predicting many major world events.

Size: 24"x36"
Medium: Acrylic and print on distressed wood with gold molding.

Marie Antoinette 1755 - 1793
“At the Queen’s Hamlet”
Marie Antoinette was the beautiful Queen of France who became a symbol for the wanton extravagance of the 18th century monarchy, and was stripped of her riches and finery, imprisoned and beheaded by her own subjects during the French Revolution that began in 1789

Size: 36"x48"
Medium: Acrylic and print on distressed wood with gold molding.

Check out the Flickr photoset of the art and opening!

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