Friday, January 14, 2011

Be There Be Square... so commands the honorable T square!

Artist, friend and general all-round genius Todd Nolan usually sends out a brilliantly worded email to his fans every time was have to honor of his work gracing our walls... this time was no exception and his words simply sing... I couldn't say it better myself, so I didn't! Thank you Todd for making what would have been a dry boring Amanda post into something truly squaretastic! -Amanda

"I used to be a renegade, I used to fool around
But I couldn't take the punishment, and had to settle down
Now I'm playing it real straight, and yes I cut my hair
You might think I'm crazy, but I don't even care
Because I can tell what's going on
It's hip to be square."
       -Huey Lewis, Harmonica Player for Thin Lizzy (true fact)

Cool cats are out, beatniks are blase'.....L7 is where its at. 4 cornered and loving it. So, strap down the urge to get out and go wild, get yerself a shine and a shave and go mild, mild, mild!

For this Saturday night at the Bear and Bird Gallery in Lauderhill, circle gets the square in an all out grudge match of equally sided proportions! We've got ourselves a locals only group art show that may very well, impact history in a way that could only be described as a swift kick square in the nuts. Bigger, badder and brighter than Times Square with whores and more fired up than Tianamen Square on College Night, the Bear and Bird's "Be There Be Square" opening will astound, confound, repulse and convulse you right back into your corner.

Artists from around the block, were given one simple rule in designing their masterpieces....your creation must be equal on all four sides. That's right motherfuckers, this baby's gotta be square.

And yours truly, Todd Nolan will be squaring it up with the lot of them when "You get the bees, and I'll grab the honey" is unveiled to the general public.

The opening reception will be 4 equally fantastic hours of hobnobbing and globetrotting, from 6-10, this SATURDAY don't miss it, nerds.
Or as they say in mathematically geometric social circles......
Be There and Be Square.

Yours truly,
T Square (aka Todd Nolan)

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