Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So much art, so little room...

I wanted to share with you all an amazing find that my friend Sarah J. sent to me. It is beautiful, fun little drawings for the price of a hamburger at Chili's... lol - not that we eat hamburgers at Chili's... no offense if YOU do though... :-)

Artist and comic stripper Dustin Harbin came up with what I think is an ingenious plan... to take over the wall space of citizens, one quarter size sheet of paper at a time. He asks that you send him just a few words of direction, nothing too esoteric and he quickly sends you some actual real live artwork! I immediately ordered 5 pieces and received them within one week. They were all amazing and magical.
The one posted above is called "Bear and Bird Tea Party" and was my favorite of the bunch. They are just SO civilized. I'm not going to to reveal which are my other four pieces, go and check them out yourself on Dharb's Flickr page and see if you can guess...

Before his head explodes from the wackiness you guys send him.

There is SO MUCH fantastic artwork available on danet (and here at our gallery) at really affordable prices. There is no stinkin' excuse for you not to start collecting art to spice up your life and home.
...that is unless you LIKE crappy Dali prints in your living room. Or worse BLANK WALLS?! :-o

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